About Me


I started studying classical guitar in 1984, at the age of ten, then abandoned in the early 90s in order to pursue jazz guitar studies at the Turin Jazz Center, Italy. I have continued deepening the guitar and jazz harmony studies with Sandro Gibellini and Gigi Cifarelli, and then have taken part in the courses by Bireli Lagrene, Franco D’Andrea, Franco Cerri and Frank Gambale. Since 1992, I’ve been playing in several rock, blues, funk, pop and folk music groups. From 1998 to 2001 I was in charge of teaching modern guitar at the Civico Istituto Musicale F.A.Cuneo of Cirie, giving private lessons during my free time also. After years of intense activity in several dance bands and pop, blues, R&B and funk groups performing all over Northern Italy, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to my jazz, blues and funk music projects. At present I am also working as live/studio sound engineer and webmaster (I have a great passion for WordPress). I enjoy spending my free time with photography, computer and fitness.


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